Three Minute Theology

Have you noticed a recent video post on the connexion – the Free Methodist theology blog?                 Three Minute Theology was created by Dale Harris, pastor at The FreeWay FMC in Courtice, ON.  The title kind of gives things away: Dale explains a truth about theology in three minutes using simple time-lapse drawings and narrative.

And why does Dale attempt to explain a theology truth in three minutes?    “Since doing some work on the theology of social media for SCOD last year, I felt challenged to become much more intentional and redemptive in the way I use social media.  This fall, I taught my annual, “Introduction to the Christian Faith” course at the FreeWay and it struck me how curious regarding the basic deep truths of Christian theology these new Christians were.  So I was mulling all this over this past November when my daughter showed me this YouTube channel she likes called “MinutePhysics” where they take basic ideas from Physics and explain them in a quirky video 2-3 minutes in length.  I thought:  if this could get my 14 year old interested in Physics, maybe a similar thing could do that for our church with theology.”

three mins

Dale’s goal is to produce one video a week on his Three Minute Theology YouTube channel.  He will also be posting them on theconneXion blog and I will make sure they land on the FMCiC Facebook page too.  Feel free to share them however you see fit because Dale hopes they, “will be a wider blessing, and/or a useful tool to others.”

The first three videos explain the Trinity.  I like the fact that Dale explains it three different ways.  So if you didn’t quite get it with the grammar analogy, the egg analogy might help that lightbulb go off and if that is no good then perhaps the music analogy helps to deepen your understanding of the Trinity.

Falling under the category of “newer Christian” I found value in these videos.  Two thumbs up Dale!

Check out Three Minute Theology: