Something New and Healthy!


So here is something new; actually a couple of things.

New thing number one: Church Health Thursday.  With the help of my friend Alison McKinnon, we are going to provide you with a link on Facebook to an article or blog post or something every Thursday.  My hope is that these posts will give us all something to think about by helping us ask good questions about our lives, our ministries and our churches.  Hopefully these questions lead to good conversations. 

Now fair warning, you may not agree with every point every article makes (I may not agree with every point every article makes either) and that can be a good thing.  After all, if we only ever look at stuff that we know we are going to totally agree with, we aren’t really stretching or growing or being challenged are we?  At the very least, if we are challenged to review what we believe/think because of one of these posts – well that’s helpful too.

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I could use your help with this Church Health Thursday thing too.  Believe it or not, I am not currently aware of everything that is “out there”.  If there is a resource/blog/website you think I need to take a look at as I comb the internet for healthy church stuff please let me know about it keeping in mind that the goal is church (and pastoral) health.  

New thing number two:  this “blog” that you are currently reading.  Besides the shorter weekly healthy church content on Facebook I will write a short blog here on the website once a month.  My goal here is to dive deeper into specific healthy church topics. 

So we shall see how it goes.  As always, if you want to discuss any of this further, please don’t hesitate to get hold of me.  The best way is through the email [click here]  

If you haven’t liked the FMCiC Facebook page here is the link to it and my first Church Health Thursday post there:

Happy Church Health Thursday to you and yours.