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Regional Gathering 2022


Saturday, April 2, 2022

11:00 AM EDT, 9:00 AM CST, 9:00 AM MDT, 8:00 AM PDT
Pastors & delegates will meet in regional hubs

In the spring of 2021, we began a journey. During our Regional Gathering: Love Led Us Here – A Pilgrimage, we began to understand and engage in the work of three task forces: Racial Justice & Ethnic Equity, Engaging Women in Leadership, and LGBTQ2S+. 

In the fall of 2021, at the Minister’s Conference, Love Led Us Here – Another Step Forward, we focused on the work of the LGBTQ2S+ task force. Pastoral leaders were asked for feedback regarding the task force’s process and to think about preparing their congregations for meaning discussions about the LGBTQ2S+ task force and its process. Time was also spent understanding our stance on human sexuality and the assumptions we make about our denomination’s position. 

During this year’s Regional Gathering: Love Led Us Here – A Time for Rest, national leaders, pastors and delegates will take time to lament this challenging season, and then spend time encouraging one another, sharing stories, and praying for each other.

There will be a brief time to hear from national teams, task forces and committees. You are not alone on this journey. Let’s gather together to rest, reflect, and refresh.

Please note, all Ordained Ministers, Commissioned Ministers and Ministerial Candidates who are appointed as Lead Pastor at a local church are expected to attend the Regional Gathering.  We are also hoping that each delegate will join with their pastor, to meet in a network to participate in this event.


A. Lament
Acknowledge what we have been through – Bishop Cliff Fletcher
Introduce hub discussion – Jared Siebert
Hub-time to discuss: “What has this cost you, what are you grieving because of the pandemic?”
Corporate lament – Marc McAlister
FMCiC Ministry Plan – Bishop Cliff Fletcher



B. Recovery / Revive / Regroup
Something great about Church Planting – Jared Siebert
“Recovery/Revive/Regroup” – Bishop Cliff Fletcher
Introduce question for hubs, “What is something good that God did in your church family this past year?” – Marc McAlister
Hub-time to discuss
Something great about Finances – Mark Molczanski



C. Communication
Something great about Leadership Development – Marc McAlister
Introduce hub discussion: “What dreams do you have as a church in this next season?” Jared Siebert
Something great about IET – Adam Kline
Teams and Task Forces – Bishop Cliff Fletcher
Something great about Church Health – Marc McAlister
Blessing – Bishop Cliff Fletcher



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We are asking that everyone who plans to attend registers for this event as we will be forming hubs (group) ahead of time.