Health Stewardship Prayer

Rev. Thomas Soltis

‘Lord God, heavenly Father, I did not create
myself. My body is your gift to me. Enable
me to be a good steward of it by pursuing the
essentials of good health. May good health
enable me to use myself to your glory, for the
welfare of others and my own good. I pray in
the Name of Jesus, the Divine Healer and
Helper. Amen.’

The first gift God gave you was life. Many of us take this for granted, not even seeing it as a gift. Our body is quite a miracle in itself – it’s complexity, it’s abilities. We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

How we treat our body is a reflection of what we think of the gift of life and how God wants to use us. As stewards, we need to be concerned about our health. We need to recognize that poor health, just like a poor financial situation, can limit our ability to serve God and live life to the fullest.

Questions to think about:

  • Is my diet a healthy one? Am I careful in selecting foods that will fuel my body rather than hinder my physical well being?
  • Do I exercise regularly? Does my exercise include aerobic, resistance/weight training?
  • Am I overweight?
  • Do I get an annual physical?
  • Are my blood pressure and cholesterol levels healthy?
  • Am I experiencing high levels of stress? If so, how am I dealing with it?
  • Do I get enough sleep?
  • What is my energy level like? Am I tired during the day?
  • How is my relationship with God? With my family? With my friends? With co-workers?
  • Am I managing my time well?
  • If asked, how would my family and friends rate my overall health? Excellent, very good, good, not great, poor, horrible?
  • What is one change I can make starting today to improve my health?

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