Creativity is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately we weren’t all given the same ability to be creative in the same ways. So let’s put our heads together and share with each other the many creative ways to give. It may be a way you’ve given, perhaps it is something you’ve received. Or maybe you’ve heard about how someone else have given.

We may not have cash readily available to give to meet the needs of others, but we probably can give in other ways if we just could think of them. I was recently told of a pastor who was able to attend a educational conference because a member of the congregation gave him enough air miles to pay for the flight. What a great idea!

And don’t just limit it to financial gifts – think about gifts of possessions, time, skills…

Email us your ideas and we will post them here. If you have something to donate but don’t know who might need it, just let us know and we can help match you to the person or ministry who is in need.

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Giving Networks

What if local churches developed a giving network like the ones described in these websites:

Gift Cards

I recently heard from a couple who wanted to give to a couple families who were struggling financially, but they wanted to do it anonymously. They weren’t sure how to do this. One suggestion was to purchase gift cards for the family. Gift cards are available at grocery stores, department stores, etc. to be used for necessities such as food, clothing, household products, etc.


Did you know that you can redeem airmiles for many different kinds of items that just travel? Consider gifting your airmiles to your local church to purchase items it needs. Or perhaps your pastor needs to travel to a conference but the church doesn’t have the funds available to cover the cost of travel.

Did you know that any charitable organization can sign up for an airmiles account and have multiple cards made? Consider doing this for your church and have members use the church’s airmiles card when making purchases. This can quickly add up to significant savings!

Volunteering and More…

Check out this blog entry to be inspired about how you might be able to help your church save money.