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Administrative and Financial Services

Ministry Plan Budget 2022

Donations & Income chart

2022 Donations/Income: $2,158,420

Thank you for investing your gifts and resources in building for the Kingdom of God here on earth. Your generosity to you local church and our collective CORE and Giving Streams offerings  – along with our FM Foundation Investment – is what enables us to minister together as laid our in our Ministry Plan.

Download the one-page PDF here.

Free Methodists want to introduce  people to Jesus (Evangelism),
change the world  one person at a time (Discipleship), and alleviate suffering (Loving our Neighbour).

94% of our Ministry Plan Budget goes towards the Leadership
Ministry and all the support staff that makes ministry possible.

Leadership Ministry includes the NLT, BOA, MEGaP, SCOD,
Admin and Support Services, Church Health Coaches, Networks, Task Forces and all our Support Staff that help us make a difference in our communities. 

Our Giving Streams builds on the CORE Ministry Budget (Leadership and Support Staff) that allows for targeted ministry projects (click on each to expand).

As the BOA anticipated a post-COVID recovery, they determined that this year would need to be an investment year.  They believe all the ministry outlined in the Ministry Plan is important and needing of support.  As an investment in our collective ministry, they have approved deficit of $162,596 which is expected to be funded from prior year reserves.

Intercultural Engagement Giving Stream: $167,985
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Leadership Development Giving Stream: $90,000
Learn more here.

Church Planting Giving Stream: $262,20
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2022 Ministry Budget chart
ICCM Chart

International Child Care Ministries (ICCM): $966,285

ICCM is our Child Sponsorship Ministry that works in partnership with the global Free Methodist Church. This budget is not part of CORE but comes directly from individuals and churches that sponsor children and special projects.  80% of all sponsorship dollars go DIRECTLY to the children supported by this ministry.

Thank you for your generosity to your local church,
and their generous support towards our collective ministries.
We could not do this without you.