As a donor, it is incumbent upon you to carefully and prayerfully consider where you will make your donations. There are many charities and ministries soliciting donations. It is important that you know how the organizations you donate to will use the funds and be confident in how they operate their ministry. Faithful stewards are to carefully manage the money entrusted to them so it is important that you do what you can to ensure the funds you invest in ministry are used wisely.

That’s why one of the best places you can give back to God is through your local church. As a member or attendee, you are involved in the ministry, know the people who are responsible for stewarding the resources you donate and you will see first hand the results of your investment.

Beyond your local church, the Free Methodist Church in Canada has many opportunities for you to consider, both within the ministry of our denomination and through our partners such as World Relief, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Childcare International, and Camping Ministries.

Whether you are interested in missions, church development, Quebec Ministries, leadership development, relief work, the poor, children and youth ministries – the Free Methodist Church in Canada is working in these areas and others. To learn more about what opportunities there are for you to invest in ministry, visit