How are you?

As you read through this issue of the MOSAIC, you will hear personal stories, challenges, and reflections about mental health. defines mental health as, “the state of your psychological and emotional well-being. It is a necessary resource for living a healthy life and a main factor in overall health. […]

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The Shame ‘n Blame Game

Mental health.  If you pay any attention to the news and social media, you have seen public interest in mental health increase in recent years.  There has been much talk of “de-stigmatizing” mental illness. Stigma is a fancy sounding and rather abstract word.  I prefer the phrase “shame and blame.”

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Giving is good for you….

Research studies show that giving can boost both your physical and mental health. Generosity of your time, talents and treasures is really, really good for you! Benefits of giving include: Lower blood pressure Increased self-esteem Lower stress Less depression Longer life Greater happiness and satisfaction MRIs show that giving stimulates

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Soul Check

As this pandemic season trudges on, and we contended with February in Canada (my least favourite month – well I love celebrating Valentine’s Day with Karlene, otherwise February is not a happy month), I am appealing to you, to pay attention to your soul-health. I subscribe to Dallas Willard’s holistic

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The Response of a Healthy Church

Part of being a healthy church is how we deal with people.  All people.  So, given this MOSAIC’s theme of mental health, we might as well ask the question “What is a God honoring healthy church’s response to folks dealing with mental health illnesses or concerns?” When I speak of

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