GC 2020: Watch and Pray

So I know what you are thinking – Isn’t it a little early to be thinking about General Conference?  I mean, it isn’t until May.  We have Christmas and Easter and Groundhog Day and lots of other stuff to get to. Maybe, but General Conferences don’t just happen.  They also […]

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Freedom to Be Free

In a world oriented to online shopping and self-gratification, the world ‘FREE’ gets our attention for all the wrong reasons. But the call to ‘Be Free’ is such a welcome inspiration…. I recently read a blog about someone, who after spending a summer over-indulging on eating out was looking to

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Be Free!

Being free is an opportunity, a command, an invitation, an experience, a responsibility, a promise and what we celebrate in Christ. Jesus-freedom is both about being free from and being free for. The from list includes: power over sin, hell, prevailing culture, bad habits, wrong thinking, hurts, fear, loneliness, shame,

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Be Free: The Best Invitation

Freedom is a gift that was given to us first by God. Through the work of Jesus we have been freed from the slavery of sin dead lives, adopted into God’s family, raised to be royalty, and employed in God’s family business. Do you know what the family business is?

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Be Free to Learn from The Other

I’ve been on a bit of an adventure this past year, leaving a season of transition and uncertainty to entering a new role that involved discernment and discovery.  Just like any pastor starting out with a new congregation, I have been discovering the history and heritage of intercultural missions in

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