What is an estate plan?

The Free Methodist Church in Canada has recently entered into a partnership with ADVISORS with Purpose. We are a ministry that provides you the opportunity to create a free, personalized, confidential Estate Plan.  Creating an estate plan is an important act of stewardship of all that God has entrusted to […]

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What’s the Next Step?

Good questions can act like goads that motivate us to action if we are willing to wrestle with them.  A question that has personally motivated me (and often gotten under my skin) is contained in a quote from Dallas Willard:  “Since making disciples is the main task of the church,

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Discipling Generosity?

We were made to be generous.  In fact, scientific research has found that we are wired for sacrificial generosity.  When we sacrificially give, our mood is improved; we experience better physical health; we live longer; we sleep better; we handle stress better and lessen the risk and symptoms of depression.

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It Can’t Just Be Talk

The other day someone was reminding me of the Discipleship material we have developed as a movement.  For those who didn’t know we had discipleship materials check out the website.  It’s all there.  They were commenting on how helpful the Pathway Diagram (the tree and the four mileposts) has been

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Disciple-making, Disciple-being

“Have you been discipled?” I asked over 100 leaders this question as a part of my thesis project. The questionnaire and interviews involved many more related questions, but I was curious to hear their answers to this question. Most said no, “not like Jesus discipled His disciples.” Why Church, when

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Three Tips for Discipleship

Discipleship is a big word.  It can be an overwhelming word.  Even as I sit to write this I wonder how I can speak to discipleship effectively without rambling on and on to all the ins and outs of it.  So instead I will attempt to explain how discipleship has

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“IF God is Real… then what?”

Inspired by this question from IF:Gathering Founder and Visionary, Jennie Allen, the “IF” team includes over 7,000 IF:Local leaders around the world who are dedicated to reclaiming the priority of discipleship as God’s method to changing the world. I was so captivated, that first time I heard Jennie declare that

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Wanting to Want Discipleship

I almost wish I could have written this article 6 weeks from now; because then, I’d have more answers.  For now, I’ll try to tell you what our church is doing about discipleship, and how we got here. I happened to serve on the System Analysis Task Team back in

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That’s What We Really Need!

Dallas Willard once wrote, “Since making disciples is the main task of the church, every church ought to be able to answer two questions: 1) What is our plan for making disciples of Jesus? 2) Is our plan working?” I love simple and direct words like these.  Willard gets right

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