Don’t Let Your Comfort Zone Kill Your Church

“What if your church would be better off if you had the courage to speak up and help solve problems that may plague your congregation? Can you think of a persistent issue in your church that needs to be dealt with? Why aren’t you dealing with it?

Let’s focus the questions a bit.  Pastors, are you willfully blind toward the needs of the young people in your church or toward reaching young people in general?

You think things like:

“I know we’re having trouble reaching young people, but that’s their problem, not ours.”

“Reaching young people would make us have to change, which would make our congregation uncomfortable.”

“We’re happy with the people we’re reaching. Young people can find churches of other young people.”

This quote is from Chris Martin’s “Don’t Let Your Comfort Zone Kill Your Church.”   In this article Martin challenges us to reach people who are not “like” us and then examine the excuses we make when we don’t.

Click here to read, “Don’t Let Your Comfort Zone Kill Your Church.”

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