“When the church exhales disciples, it will inhale followers of Jesus”
Waylon Moore

Making Disciples Jesus’ Way: A Few at a Time – PDF


Ministry Map Seedling Seedling Maturing Maturing Reproducing
Developmental Stage Seekers
Those who are exploring relationship with Jesus
New Disciples
Those who have entered into relationship with Jesus
Growing Disciples
Those who have accepted and owned their relationship with Jesus and want to actively grow
Maturing Disciples
Those who are actively reorganizing their lives around Jesus’ values & practices
Reproducing Disciples
Those who have made themselves available for growing & equipping others
 Summary description *enable their connection with at least one or two other encouraging believers  *enable their participation in an affirming and accepting small group*establish in the foundations of Christian belief*begin developing spiritual disciplines and habits  *provide opportunities for deeper study and application of Scripture*provide ministry opportunities that aid in gift discernment and development*provide teaching and training in faith sharing*provide opportunities for understanding Wesleyan theology and practice  *confirm giftings and ministry focus areas*provide training setting commensurate with giftings and ministries*challenge to prioritized involvement in missional living
*expect participation in the ongoing discipling ministries of the church
 *Identify those who walk as mature disciples, with spiritual disciplines and habits*Affirm and commission those who function as developers and influencers
Introductory level
Following Jesus Leader’s Guide Exploring Christian Community
Module 3
Exploring Christian Foundations
Module 1
Exploring God’s Mission
Module 4
Exploring Christian Growth
Module 2
Exploring the Gift(s) of the Holy Spirit
Module 5 S.H.A.P.E Material [PDF]

Brief video summary of SHAPE

Going deeper
God’s Grace ChannelsLes canaux de la grâce de Dieu Joining the Ministry Community Leader’s Guide
Joining the Ministry Community Handbook