Sample Church Board Annual Checklist

 T3010 Submitted by due date (6 months after year end)


 Annual Declarations Signed (Stored at Church)


 Board Covenant Signed


 Insurance Policies checked/in place


 Contracts/Services Review


 Risk Management Review (facilities, finances, etc.)


 Property Safety Checks (fire extinguishers, etc.)


 Abuse Prevention Implementation – (policy, police checks)

    NOTE: FM churches receive a 10% fee reduction on products and services from Winning Kids Inc.


 Financial Audit/Review completed and auditors notes reviewed


 Society Meeting (annual budget, audit report, ministry plan)


 Annual session to develop/refine Church Ministry Plan


 Pastoral Appraisal


 General/Selected Policy Check/Review


 Charitable Receipts issued in a timely manner (recommended by Feb 28)