A Day in the Life of Marc McAlister


Because so many people ask me, “What exactly do you do as Director of Church Health,”   I decided to pick a week in the life of me and share with you some of what I do as well as the some of good things that are going on in our movement.  For the purposes of this blog I have selected the week of Thursday, March 27th to Wednesday, April 2nd.

Thursday – I met with the Board of Dryden FMC in Dryden, ON.  The purpose of the meeting was simply an informal introduction for both parties but as the evening progressed we had a good conversation about some church health issues specifically disciple making.  Pastor Doug Wightman and I also got to spend some time together. Doug is my Network Mentor and it is always good to check in with him.  

Saturday – Dan Sheffield and I met with about thirty people from O’Connor FMC in Kakabeka Falls, ON.  Dan led them through a process called Appreciative Inquiry while I was observed.  Briefly, Appreciative Inquiry is a facilitated series of conversations that help a group (let’s say a church) identify and understand its strengths, potentials, opportunities and hopes for the future.  The goal is to identify several potential next steps for a church as it works towards robust health.  It was a good day with good people as we thought and prayed about what God has in store for Kakabeka Falls and surrounding area.  This was followed by sharing supper and stories.  

Dan in O'Connor

Sunday – I had the privilege of preaching and worshipping with the folks at O’Connor. That evening I found myself in Thunder Bay, ON with Pastor Andre Korstanje (Thunder Bay FMC) talking about the victories and challenges of life there.  Again, disciple making dominated the latter part of our conversation.  I also learned how the church is touching lives and being touched through a ministry with a group home near the church. You should ask Andre about it sometime.

Monday – I met the Pastoral Leadership Task Force and interim Pastor Kevin Kay at Crestview Park FMC in Winnipeg, MB.  My job is to get this group of leaders oriented to their task of putting together a profile and a job description for the church as they search for their next pastor.  It was a good meeting and they are looking forward to what God has next for them.

Wednesday – I had a Skype conversation with Barrie FMC’s Pastor Roger Keyzers about the results of their Church Health survey.  It was encouraging to learn about the good work in Barrie as well as plans to address the next steps they need to take.  

Throw in some travel and time connecting with both Dan and Bishop Keith on various projects and that was my week.   Pretty cool job huh?  If you have any questions about what I do or if you are interested in talking more about any of these church health tools just let me know.  I am always happy to talk.