Monique Alexander

CliffsNotes – March 29, 2022

Hello friends, Today is part 2 of my conversation with Director of Church Planting, Jared Siebert. Today is about the “Rules of Engagement” in difficult conversations. (click here) On this Saturday April 2nd delegates and pastors will be meeting in person and virtually for our annual Regional Gathering. This is […]

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CliffsNotes – March 22, 2022

This week’s edition of Cliffs Notes is coming to you in video form.  To view, please click here. Also…I thought this week’s email from Light & Life magazine might be of interest to you.  Please click here to read it.   WHAT HAPPENS WHEN Tuesdays: Cliff’s Notes2nd Tuesday of each month: What’s Got

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CliffsNotes – March 15, 2022

Belonging to the FMCiC (it’s Biblical and therefore, Essential): Part 1 What’s it mean for us to be a connected Church? What value is there in healthy denominationalism – Free Methodism in Canada? 1.     Your pastor has been interviewed by your Church family across the country, her theology has been scrutinized, his

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CliffsNotes – March 8, 2022

A “Movement” is a Coordinated Effort Pastor of Yarker FM, Ken Babcock challenged us to pray for the Ukraine. He wrote this: “So this is something I have never done before but here we go. A woman in our church was praying in the night and felt impressed of the

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CliffsNotes – March 1, 2022

A Good Sunday, Lent, Hate & Donating toCrisis Relief in Ukraine On Sunday morning I worshipped with our Newmarket FM church family. The last time I was there, Pastor Terry had them wear Leaf’s jerseys (there were several Habs jerseys which made the room feel friendlier!). There were no Leaf’s jerseys

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CliffsNotes – February 22, 2022

Prayer-Worship-Evangelism-Discipleship I spoke in Ghana Sunday morning, and then I drove to Kingston to be with our Kingston West FM. A small contingent of FMCiC’ers zoomed in at 6:30 AM EST our time to celebrate Ghana FM becoming a PROVISIONAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE, which is only a couple of steps from

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CliffsNotes – February 15, 2022

Dear friends, I’ve decided to record my Cliff’s Notes this week, mostly because I wanted you to hear me genuinely say thank you for your ongoing commitment as church families to support one another, love your communities and pray! Click here to watchI was at Polson Park FM in Kingston this

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CliffsNotes – February 8, 2022

A Convoy & A People of Peace FMCiC, we must distinguish ourselves as a people of peace. I believe that it is God’s heart for us in this season. People of peace (Jesus-people) are Jesus-centered, firmly rooted in Scripture, and prayer, while also being exceedingly humble, hospitable, and loving. Peace

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CliffsNotes – February 1, 2022

I was with Smith Falls FM this weekend, another very warm greeting and worshipful experience. The Children’s Director reminded us about “chain reactions”. She explained that our responses, behaviours, choices, attitudes and prayers impact others who are sometimes 2 or more people removed from you! This is how wonderfully important

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CliffsNotes – January 25, 2022

FMCiC, I encourage you to make sure that these two initiatives are in your calendars… So nice to be travelling more! Karlene and I were with Rustle Church in Kingston this past weekend. They showed me a table full of beautiful mittens that had been knitted by other Free Methodist

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