CliffsNotes – March 20, 2018

The second Regional Gathering of the season was in Quebec – and in French! Worship time was once again joyful and significant. Pasteur Nathan (AKA L’Eveque de Quebec) was quite encouraged by the attendance, enthusiasm and spirit in the room. So was I and I was also pleased to visit […]

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CliffsNotes – March 13, 2018

This past weekend Karlene and I made our first trip together to beautiful British Columbia! Pastor Ken Dryden (not the hockey player, though he is related) invited us to be with Lakeside FM Church in Salmon Arm, BC on Sunday morning and then with the BC network this week. Lakeside

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CliffsNotes – March 6, 2018

This weekend I experienced my first Regional Gathering as Bishop. I won’t say much because it’s only the first of 10! Thank you Una Church for hosting. Their worship team didn’t just lead in a few songs to get us started – no, they led us in worship! It’s a

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CliffsNotes – January 30, 2018

This past weekend the National Ministerial of Education, Guidance and Placement Committee (MEGaP) met at Mount Carmel. These pastors and lay persons from across Canada invested a weekend to pray, discuss, and develop policy about LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT in the FMCIC. MEGaP does not take its job lightly – this was

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