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David and Jennifer Wright have been ministering in the Muslim country of Niger until recently when they returned to Canada for the sake of their boys’ education. In the past year they have lead the Missions Team for the Free Methodist Church in Canada helping to oversee our global and intercultural ministries. Recently they have felt the Lord leading them in a different direction, to francophone ministries.

David and Jennifer Wright will be joining our Francophone Ministry in 2019.  Quebec is considered one of the most unreached people group in the world with less than 1% of the population being evangelical Christians.  The situation is very similar in France and French speaking Belgium and as a result there are very limited Christian resources in French. Their goal is to help encourage and support our bi-vocational pastors in these areas (Quebec, France and Belgium) with intercultural and theological training and resources to better enable them to reach their communities while assisting with oversight of the work in Niger.

As a pilot project, Dave and Jenn hope to encourage youth cultural exchanges between our churches in southern Ontario and the youth in Quebec to build community, encourage the discipleship process and serve the body, expanding their world and view of the church and encouraging the next generation of FM missionaries! Hopefully this pilot project will grow and expand for FM churches across Canada in the future.

“When you can’t get to the world sometimes it comes to you…” That has been Dave and Jenn’s experience this year working with international students in their local university and college. They have had the pleasure of welcoming students from around the world and watching the Holy Spirit at work in many lives. It is Dave and Jenn’s desire to continue to work with international student ministries where ever they re-locate in the coming year.


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