the free methodist church in canada

Finance and Operations

What do we do with your core dollars?

Core Giving from local churches primarily supports the ministry of our National Leadership Team (NLT) and the ministry areas they represent. Core Giving funds the oversight, empowerment and administrative ministries of the NLT. Here is a list of the services that the National Leadership Team and support staff provide:


  • action on important matters between General Conference sessions
  • leadership in the carrying out of our national strategies
  • help to local churches to identify those called by God to plant churches
  • monitoring of church health trends in the FMCiC and the effectiveness of FMCiC systems/materials/personnel
  • accountability by the BOA for the National Leadership Team
  • identify “best practice” methods for ministries
  • support to facilitate the development of healthy, long-term churches
  • support, funding and encouragement to church planters for greater health and effectiveness
  • approval of recommendations of credentials for trained, competent pastors
  • hands on support and coaching to churches in transition
  • recruitment, coordination and training of transition pastors
  • hands on support and coaching to pastors applying for a new appointment
  • hands on conflict resolution coaching and materials including on-site visits
  • help to local churches to participate in various levels of church planting
  • oversight to the development of mission work in Sri Lanka
  • oversight to development of mission work in Ghana
  • oversight to the development of mission work in Niger
  • regional momentum and national celebration as churches are planted
  • oversight of personnel processes for long-term cross-cultural missionaries
  • coaching/consulting for short term missions/teams, global partnerships
  • connection with International Child Care Ministry (ICCM) fields
  • coaching to churches and pastors when discipline is necessary because of sinful behaviour
  • assistance to local churches and/or their pastors through crises
  • hands on support and coaching to pastors in transition
  • motivation, support, encouragement to pastors and lay leaders
  • facilitation of connections among congregations to accomplish a larger goal in Canada and beyond


  • loan/mortgage funding for local churches
  • general legal advice for local churches and camps
  • human resources legal advice for local churches and camps
  • Canadian Revenue Agency compliance advice and updates for local churches and camps
  • incorporation coaching for local churches and camps
  • payroll services for local churches, camps and daycares
  • level of compensation package information of comparable churches
  • administration of the Ministers Defined Contribution Pension Plan
  • refugee immigration application support for local churches
  • guidelines and coaching for local church property sales
  • guidance to local churches boards and treasurers on specific administrative and financial matters
  • government compliance assistance for transferring funds overseas
  • planning, products and services for General Conference meetings
  • management of investments to ensure funds are available for scholarships, internships and other ministries
  • a Ministry Centre building for staff offices, committee and training meetings
  • Ministers Benefits program (medical, dental, vision, long term disability, life insurance, etc)\
  • the archiving of historical materials
  • the writing of a recent history of FMCiC
  • help to identify and recruit church planters from beyond the FMCiC
  • a rigorous screening and credentialing process to provide godly, competent, pastors
  • an annual Performance Appraisal resource for pastors and churches
  • guidance and assistance on questions related to The Manual
  • help to identify and recruit pastors from beyond the FMCiC
  • an application process for issuing Provincial Marriage Licenses
  • Myers-Briggs Personality training for self-awareness, other-awareness and team building for pastors & spouses, pastoral staff, boards, ministry teams, etc.


  • Study Commission on Doctrine (SCOD) position papers to respond
  • to issues and provide clarity on what we believe
  • Mission Team Manual
  • Discipleship Materials and training (i.e. – Following Jesus
  • curriculum, Wesleyan Means of Grace)
  • membership materials
  • policy and coaching for local, national and global ministries\
  • LifePlan Manual and video training series
  • Individualized LifePlan coaching
  • a Global Ministries Giving Stream
  • a Church Development Giving Stream
  • a Leadership Development Giving Stream
  • a Quebec Ministries Giving Stream
  • Treasurer’s Guide (for new treasurers)
  • Individualized coaching for Church Plants
  • an up-to-date Handbook for Transitions (pastor and church)
  • an up-to-date Handbook for Internships (lay and pastoral)
  • a Pastor’s Resource Handbook


  • Ministers Conferences
  • Regional Gatherings
  • General Conference
  • a connection for Student Ministry Leaders
  • Network meetings for pastors
  • an annual Camping Summit for Camp Directors


  • denominational representation at ordination services for pastors
  • denominational representation at dedication services for new/renovated facilities
  • denominational representation at camps
  • denominational representation at anniversary services
  • denominational representation at the funerals of pastors, pastor’s spouses and missionaries
  • NLT preaching at local churches
  • NLT visits to local church boards


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