Transferring Funds to The FMCiC through Telpay Online

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Telpay Online Signup / Login Window

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The Free Methodist Church in Canada has partnered with Telpay Online to make it easier, faster and cheaper for your church to send in CORE & Giving Stream donations.

There is no monthly fee and Telpay provides a fast and easy online process that includes a way to designate amounts to multiple funds.  Funds are debited directly from your church bank account, with a low 50¢ per transaction fee. Your church no longer incurs the cost of mailing in a cheque and remittance form.

Before you can send in your CORE and/or Giving Stream donations, you first have to create a Telpay Online account for your church.

To qualify, you must be an authorized signing officer for the church (company).  In order to verify your identity you will need to provide your local church information, bank account number with a copy of a void cheque and signed authorization form and Telpay access number (sent to you from Telpay during the signup process). Once the completed application is submitted via email, it will take 2-3 business days to validate/approve your Telpay account.

To watch a demo video on how to sign up and process your first payments with Telpay Online, go to:


Creating an Online Account with TelPay:

STEP 1:    Go online to Signup: 

Click or copy the link below:

Once you see the Telpay LOGIN screen, click on the “SIGN UP” button:

And then identify as “Business Paying a Business” and press the “SIGN UP + ” button again.

STEP 2:    Fill out the application

Enter your local church information. All fields are mandatory.

Note, for the Business Number field, you should enter “123456782

The TelPay Biller Code for the FMCiC is:  “0091808

Click the box at the bottom to stay connected and up to date with Telpay.

STEP 3:    Review your Info

Press the “NEXT” button at the bottom of the page to review and confirm that your local church information is correct. If the information is correct, press the “ SUBMIT

STEP 4:    Check your email

Within a couple minutes of submitting your application, you will receive an email from Telpay at the address you provided. It will include instructions on how to activate your account. Click on the Activation Link in the email to sign in with your email address and create a new password to login to your account online.

STEP 5:    Submit Church Banking Information

Once logged in, you will need to register your bank account; once you have made your selection (register and make your first payment or only register), press the “NEXT” button to enter the Current Business Banking Information (follow the instructions/guide) and confirm you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions (click on the link to view/print).

The final steps are to send Telpay:

  1. Take a photo or a scan of a void cheque (counter cheques are not accepted)
  2. A signed authorization form (which will be sent to your email)

Email these to [email protected] and include your Telpay Access Number (included in the email sent to you) in the subject line.

Please allow 2-3 days for your application and verification to complete.  You will receive an email once your application has been approved.

If you have any questions or need assistance , please contact one of our Telpay representatives:

Ray Scaife  [email protected]     800-665-0302 ext 855

Andres Glicenstajn  aglicenstajn@telpay   800-665-0302 ext 831


Making a Telpay Online Payment to the FMCiC:

Once your church has been approved, you can make payments any time simply by logging on at:


Step 1:  Make a Payment

Once you are at the ‘Make a Payment’ page, enter the following information: (NOTE: When making the first payment, you have to “add a biller” and provide the FMCiC biller code (i.e. 0091808) as well as the ‘Customer Account Number for this biller’ (enter 9058482600 as the Customer Account Number for this biller).
Telpay will auto populate the biller code field for subsequent payments)

  1. Invoice # Enter a clear description of fund (max. 30 characters).
    You can submit multiple ‘invoice’ payments as part of the same transaction (CORE, GLOBAL MISSIONS, CHURCH PLANTING, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, BISHOPS RELIEF FUND)
  2. Payment Amount – Enter the amount for the fund indicated in the invoice field above
  3. Payment Date – Enter the day you want the payment to be withdrawn

Step 2:  Review Payment

Review your payment details.  If correct, press “ACCEPT

Step 3:  Payment Summary

This page provides details of your payment.  You will notice the service fee of $0.50 added to your total payment.  Press “PRINT” at the bottom of the page to print a copy for your records.

Step 4:  Confirm Payment

To complete the transaction, you must confirm the payment by pressing “ACCEPT’ at the bottom of the page. You will then see a notice that your payment information has been received.  Press “PRINT” at the bottom of the page to print a copy for your records.

Telpay will debit your church bank account on the date you selected. Allow 4 business days for your funds to be processed and sent to the FMCiC account.  For the period December 23 to December 31, Treasurers need to forward the e-mail they receive from Telpay confirming their contribution has been received by Telpay to [email protected] This is to ensure The FMCiC has proof for the auditors that the contribution has been taken by Telpay before year end so that The FMCiC has the authority to record the contribution as a current year contribution.


Contact Isabel Garcia in the FMCiC Admin Department  905-848-2600 x250 or you can contact Telpay at 1-800-665-0302 or visit

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