Woman behind prison bars prays

Stories of Answered Prayer: How Prayer Helped Turn a Convicted Mother from Death to Life

As told by a member of Chapel Ridge Free Methodist Church, Ottawa, ON:

Here is a synopsized story of how God used a very tragic turn of events to draw someone to Himself through the faith, love and obedience of a Christian couple from Chapel Ridge FMC in Ottawa, and the prayers of many people.

« Several years ago, one of my nieces married and had two children. The older one was a boy and was severely handicapped. To look after the boy proved to be very taxing on the family. He was hospitalized many times per year after epileptic seizures. Even in the hospital they never left him alone, but stayed with him 24/7, taking turns sleeping and going to work. At home, he had to be carried daily from bed to wheelchair and at night, he needed to be turned over several times to prevent bed sores. Both parents should be commended for looking after him so well and so selflessly. Life was depressing for them and my niece can be forgiven for using anti-depressants.

It is now agreed among experts, that there are people with a certain genetic makeup that abrupt changes in anti-depressant medication, can make prone to violent behaviour. One morning in October 2014, Aurelie snapped, took the lives of her two children and tried suicide. Her week had been especially difficult and she may have taken two pills instead of one. The attempt at suicide was unsuccessful and she was revived in the hospital. She was then charged with pre-meditated murder.”

The one who has written this story goes on to tell how God miraculously answered prayer in situation after situation until this woman turned away from depression, suicide and atheism, to experience God’s forgiveness and mercy while in prison.

To read the whole story, please click on this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f9udNdXXFT0THkAg_Hsdv_ltnJcPKgJpE1IxZTA3KZ0/edit?usp=sharing