Rental Subsidy Through the MCDUFF Fund

One of the tasks the 2005 General Conference mandated that we find ways to encourage church planting in Major Urban Centres.
This initiative proposes unique funding problems.  As you are probably aware real-estate and permanent space in the heart of our Major Urban Centres is very expensive.  These prohibitive cost make it difficult for our church plants to get a foothold in these untouched neighbourhoods.  We create the MCDUFF Fund (Major Cities Designated Urban Footholds Fund) to address this specific issue.
The Urban Foothold Fund is a sub-set of the Church Development Fund. The Fund is used for rental or long-term lease of space for church planting projects, specifically for new church plants in major urban centres.  The MCDUFF fund can help struggling inner-city churches by helping them pay for up to 30% of their rent.  The MCDUFF can help these churches for up to 4 years.  Since this is a new fund the money is limited and unstable, however, as we raise awareness about it we hope to be able to increase the amount and length of time we support inner city work.
Distribution from this fund for support of projects meeting the above criteria/purpose will be made at the discretion of the Director of Growth Ministries and the Church Development Committee.


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