Help Haiti Heal (Canada)

After the devastation of losing almost everything, including many family members, our Haitian brothers’ and sisters’ spirits are starting to lift as we partner together in relief and prepare to rebuild homes and communities.

Teams from North America and other countries will be mobilized and sent to work with Haitians in the repair and, later, reconstruction of homes, churches and schools. We will issue more information shortly on opportunities for teams from Canada and how to express interest.

Bishop Keith and Grant Sigsworth have just returned from Haiti–see the homepage link to « Latest Bishop’s Notes » for a trip report.  They ask you to partner in prayer that:

  • God will give guidance as they support Haitian church leaders in planning and undertaking the relief and rebuilding strategies.
  • His Spirit keeps working in Haiti and in our Free Methodist Church as people begin to move forward from this tragedy.

We are thankful for God’s presence in our brothers’ and sisters’ lives and that they can show His compassion and light to others around them.


Temporary shelters, Restoration of repairable buildings, & Medium/Long-term rebuilding – needs in the weeks and months to come! The Bishop’s Relief Fund is our Free Methodist Church in Canada’s vehicle for Haiti recovery and rebuilding. Keep up to date with info on our national website. Cheques can be made to The Free Methodist Church in Canada with the « Bishop’s Relief Fund – Haiti » indicated on the memo line. Online donations are also possible through this website.

International Child Care Ministries – if you are a sponsor of a child in Haiti, you may want to direct your donations in this area.