3:34 – 4:45
Room:  Muskoka I

You’ve heard a lot of talk about the New Leaf Network in the last little while.  Come and hear where it started, why our denomination is involved, and where things might be headed in the future.

Jared Siebert | FMCIC                                                                                                                         

Jared Siebert, currently serves as the National Director for Church Development for the Free Methodist Church in Canada. His main responsibility is to prepare the church to respond to the massive cultural shifts it is now facing. He hopes to accomplish this through planting new kinds of churches and through the cultivation of missionary mindsets, context specific responses, and open-source inspired collaboration amongst established churches. Jared began formal ministry 1998 with his wife Katherine through a church plant called the “Next Church”. He currently lives in Saskatoon with his wife Katherine and two boys Soren and Nathan.