Becoming a Socially Engaging Ministry

2:30 – 3:30
Room: MacIntosh II

How would you describe your ministry’s social media presence? Do the words boring, unpopular, or absent come to mind? Find out what you can do to create a relevant and engaging social presence

Darrell Keezer Candybox Marketing

Darrell has spoken at over 200 events across Canada + the USA on how Digital Marketing can actually work for companies, individuals and organizations. Darrell has been inducted into the Sheridan Business Hall of Fame for his agency’s achievements, and has won numerous awards of excellence.

Darrell Keezer, author of 37 Ways Your Website Died, is the founder of Candybox Marketing, a Digital Agency that helps companies generate new customers using social media, search engine optimization, and websites. During a typical work week Darrell can be found at the Creative Studio, leading a team of 14 digital marketers. Founded in 2008, Candybox Marketing has worked with hundreds of clients, including; Spin Master Toys, Fox Entertainment, and The Weather Network.

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