February 2021 Update

Prayer Points for our February 24, 2021, National Prayer Meeting

1. That as a movement we will dig deeper into experiencing God in our everyday live and churches.

2. That the next sitting of General Conference will run smoothly and lovingly, and that we will be lead by God as to how we are to faithfully follow the Scriptural revelation of the meaning of marriage and human sexuality and at the same time grow in our understanding and love of those who do not understand or agree with God’s order.

3. That God will guide our government leaders to know how to respond to the persistence of the pandemic and that, as His people, we will not be ruled by fear but love and rise up to lead the way in living wisely and positively in the face of distress, disagreement and depression.

4. That the excesses in the Euthanasia Bill C-7 and the Anti-conversation Bill C-6 will be revised so righteousness can thrive in our nation.