Conversations of Grace

One of my favorite things is turning on my laptop to discover an email inquiring if “INSERT GREAT STORY HERE” would be suitable for the FMCiC website.  I recently received this type of email from Dennis Ball, the pastor at Bramalea Free Methodist Church in Brampton, ON.  What’s the great story at BFMC?  They are about to self-publish a book.

Daisy Wright, a member of BFMC, had the “Big Bold Book Idea,” “I was thinking it would be a good idea to write a book about our Christian walk – something that could inspire and encourage other people to come to Christ.  I have self-published two books and thought it could also help others understand how self-publishing works.”


As Daisy was thinking and praying about the book idea, the words of former retired pastor Keith Lohnes came back to her, “We need to tell our children and grandchildren about God. We need to tell Christian stories to future generations.  We need to reach people around the world.  We don’t know how our story will touch others.”

Keith’s words profoundly affected Daisy, “They really confirmed that this was an idea whose time had come, and I put the wheels in motion.”

The church’s board approved the idea, and a book committee was formed.  David Wright, a committee member, wanted to be part of the project because, “If God has given me a gift or talent I should definitely use it for his glory.  Working with this team has been an exciting journey in itself.”

Jasmine Rock who is designing the cover for the book joined because, “I just graduated from a Graphic Design program and thought it was a good way to use my design skills and help the church.”

Conversations of Grace – Testimonies of Blessings, Faith, Miracles and Courage” is a collection of stories and testimonies from members of the BFMC congregation.  As Isaac Burnett told me, “By telling our stories we are able to strengthen one another and inspire others to accept Christ as their Saviour.  And do a world of spiritual good for those looking for spiritual knowledge and understanding.”

David has been impressed with the variety of submissions, “There is a wide range of contributions showing how they have seen God working in their lives and various circumstances.”


The manuscript is now with an editor. When the committee is satisfied with the manuscript, the board will check it out and then it will be sent away for formatting.  Jasmine is presenting three cover ideas to the congregation and then the committee will decide which will become the cover.

The manuscript is then submitted to Create Space, the self-publishing arm of Amazon, who creates the book.  BFMC will place an initial order but then the book will be printed on demand which means no money is required up front and they won’t have a bunch of books sitting around.

I asked the committee what their hopes were for the book. David said, “I want it to be a encouraging, motivational and provide inspiration.

This was echoed by June Rock who added, “I want to share these stories with my family.  I can see them soaking it up and sharing the idea of a book with their own congregation.”

Conversations of Grace – Testimonies of Blessings, Faith, Miracles and Courage” will be available on Amazon or through BFMC shortly.  I’ll let you know when you can purchase a copy!