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Population: 15,053,000

Evangelical & Pentecostal Christians: 1.6% – Annual Growth 8.8%

General Conference

  • Free Methodist Ministry Began – 1994
  • Free Methodist Churches – 3
  • Membership – 563
  • Ordained Ministers – 1
  • Ministerial Candidates – 10

Rev. Sok Em and his wife, Savy, became Christians while they were living in a refugee camp in Thailand. Sok received Bible training while there. In 1985, the Ems and their three children immigrated to Canada where they pastored a Khmer language congregation in Hamilton, Ontario. In 1991 Rev. Em, an ordained member of the Canadian General Conference and supported by the Great Lakes Annual Conference, returned to his home village of Prek Thei to begin the work in Cambodia. The Cambodian Free Methodist Church began in 1994 as a project of the Asia Pacific Free Methodist Missions Association, with the Hong Kong Free Methodist Church responsible for supervision.

Present Ministries
Tahas Bible Institute was co-founded by Rev Sok Em in Kampong Chhnang to provide basic pastoral training, especially for leaders who serve as lay pastors in congregations. With the explosion of Christian congregations throughout Cambodia there are very few fully trained pastors. Tahas, an interdenominational program, is a needed resource, as they provide theological and skills training by means of eight, twoweek study modules over a two-year period.



Country Ministry
* Canadian dollars
Leadership Development
Half of the people in Cambodia are under 20 years old. Most have never heard the gospel, even once. Pastors are often fairly recent converts, with little experience or training in how to care for their flocks of even younger and newer believers. In this kind of spiritual climate, a little investment in training and encouragement goes a long way. Some people claim that Cambodia has the fastest growing church in the world.Without adequate statistics that claim is impossible to verify, but there is no doubt that Cambodians need hope, and that they are open to listen and respond to the gospel right now. Church planting and leadership training are huge needs.
Directed to Sok Em for his interdenominational leadership training program.
Donations received above these amounts, designated for Cambodia, will be distributed to Rev. Sok Em and the Tahas Bible Institute in Kampong Chnang.
If you would like to donate to Sok Em, click on “Donate Now.”This will take you to the Free Methodist page on the Canada Helps website, a secure site for online donations.Click on “donate now” and scroll down to Fund/Designation; highlight Global Missions.Just below you will see a box – Message/Instructions – type in clearly “Sok Em – support” or “Tahas Bible Institute.” giveonline-button