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Gain Save Give

Gain Save Give

John Wesley’s Sermon No. 50 on The Use of Money 


John Wesley lived and spoke into a time of major economic and social change in the eighteenth century where the gap between the aristocratic rich and the working class poor was ever widening.  In this turbulent social time, Wesley taught how to live (steward) everyday life as a Christian.  His sermon on money showed how biblical principles can be applied to life to create a better way. 


Times are not much different today.  And Wesley’s message on gain all you can, save all you can and give all you can is still relevant today – especially in our consumer driven, debt loaded society. 


These three videos attempt to bring Wesley’s message into today’s language for today’s young adults struggling with overwhelming consumerism.  Each video is accompanied with a Discussion Guide that can be used to facilitate the conversation.  Depending on the facilitator, each of the 3 discussions groups can run either 60 minutes or 90 minutes. 


Video 1: GAIN

“We live in a world poisoned by an almost uncontrollable grasping for more. Often times our energies are spent acquiring and hoarding—all part of a calculated effort to build a protective sense of security… But really, where can we point the blame? Our world is unstable, fear dominates news headlines, and ‘getting ahead’ of others has become a national pastime….  But for disciples of Jesus, there is another way. A way to be in the world but not be dominated by its way of being….”


Video 2:  SAVE

“Living under the weight of overwhelming debt is as much a spiritual issue as it is an issue of economics. Markets crash and credit limits stretch as our consumer driven culture continues to encourage overspending… But for disciples of Jesus, there is another way.  A way to be in the world but not be dominated by its way of being…” 


Video 3:  GIVE 

“Our identities have often been wrapped up in how we are perceived by others, how much we can gain on our own merit and by believing that we add value to who we are by the things that we own… But for disciples of Jesus, there is another way. A way to be in the world but not be dominated by its way of being…”  


Cost:  FREE

Format:  3 Videos + Discussion Guides


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 Debt Free and Financially Fit
Debt Free +
Financially Fit
2-hr Live Seminar


There is no question we live in a consumer culture where overwhelming debt is the accepted norm.  The bondage of living under debt creates a stress that can threaten even the best of marriages and families.



Combining basic financial methods and biblical principles, this 2-hour seminar will provide you with 7 steps in becoming debt free and become financially fit.  Participants will be able to download the free resources for your own use to help them become debt free and financially fit.


What we will cover….


    • How to find your current financial health


    • How to find out where you money is going


    • How to get out of debt sooner than you think


    • How to break the cycle of turning to debt


    • How to spend less than you make


    • How to become financially fit and free



Who is this for….


    • Anyone struggling with debt


    • Anyone wanting to avoid debt


    • Anyone wanting to help someone else get out of debt


    • Anyone wanting to become financially fit



  • Anyone wanting to understand the biblical principles in living free from debt and financially fit



Cost: FREE
Format:  Live 2-hr Semnar



Coaching Ministry
Debt Coach Ministry Poster 8x10.5
Debt Coach Ministry
6-hr Training

As a ministry of the local church, the money/debt advice coach ministry aims at training individuals in the church to sensitively and confidentially ‘coach’ others in getting out of and staying out of debt.


These individual do not have to be accountants or financial planners – rather demonstrate relational/coaching gifts and be passionate about seeing people freed from the burden of debt.


Through the local church, the goal is to offer free, face-to-face, confidential help to those needing help by providing:
TRUTH – Providing solid biblical teaching on the principles of Godly stewardship
HELP – Non-judgmental, practical coaching to help manage financial resources, get out of debt, balance monthly budgets & and make wise decisions from a biblical perspective
HOPE – Offering the real hope of freedom from the oppression of debt through Christ

What the 1-Day Training will cover….

    • Cultural Influences


    • Understanding Financial Personalities


    • Understanding Spiritual Sensitivities


    • Teach Budgeting and Debt Reduction


    • Incorporating Biblical Principles


    • Practice Coaching Sessions


    • Diagnosing Financial Health


    • Finding & Referring to Community Resources


    • Presenting the Debt Free Seminar


    • Online Coach Resources


    • Coaching Network and Support


You should become a coach if….

    • You want to see people free from the bondage of debt


    • You want to see people connect faith & finance in everyday life


    • You know when to talk and when to listen


  • You have Godly patience and common sense
  • You have the ability to speak the truth in love


Cost: FREE
Format:  1 day (6-hr) Live Training





Love and Money
Recommended Resource:
Money and Marriage

Becoming one in marriage is hard enough with just learning to live with each other. But when you add money into the equation – it can potentially become explosive.
Whether you are using these videos with a coach, a pastor in pre-marital counselling, or on your own, this 10-video series will introduce and cover 9 principles to help the both of you create a joyful, successful financial future together.  

What we will cover….

    • Becoming One is Hard


    • Creating a Plan


    • The Need to Give Some Away


    • The Need to Save Some


    • Understanding Each Other’s Financial Temperament


    • Ruthlessly Avoiding Debt


    • Patiently Pursuing Interest


    • Spending Smart


    • Building Walls of Protection


    • Fighting Fair


Who is this for….

    • Pastors for Pre-Marital Counselling in Finances


    • Newly Married or Engaged Couples


    • Any couple looking to create a Joyful, Successful Financial Future together



Cost: FREE
Format: Online 10-Video Series 




 Church Stewardship
Church stewardship has the same Biblical and financial principles as personal stewardship – but with added denominational and government ordinances that must be observed in order to maintain it’s standing as a church in Canada.
This 12-video series is to help both new and old board members understand what is involved in stewarding a local church within The Free Methodist Church in Canada.
What we will cover….


    • Church Stewardship


    • The Official Board


    • The Society Meeting


    • Stewarding Church Funds


    • Restricted Funds


    • CORE and Giving Streams


    • Treasurer’s Duties


    • Church Financial Forms


    • Charitable Receipts


    • The Church Budget


    • Enabling Generosity


    • Stewarding Staff & Volunteers



Who is this for….


    • Newly Elected Board Members


    • Existing Board Members


    • Those interested in serving on a local church board



Cost: FREE
Format: Online 12-Video Series



Steward Leader
Recommended Resource:
Steward Leader 

Transforming People, Organizations & Communities


‘If you are attempting to lead while in bondage to the need to control, and the need to be the owner instead of a steward, you will fail. Your church will falter and you will do damage to the witness of Jesus”
– R. Scott Rodin, The Steward Leader


This video seminar is designed to help the leaders in the church to first transform themselves into Steward Leaders, where they then can help transform the culture around them and help create joyful, obedient disciples by stewarding our relationships with God, ourselves, our neighbours, and creation (including our stuff).


What we will cover….

  • Stewarding our Relationship with God
  • Stewarding our Relationship with Self
  • Stewarding our Relationship with Others
  • Stewarding our Relationship with Stuff (Creation)
  • Recapturing the Joy of Being
  • Transformational Leadership with God
  • Transformational Leadership with Self
  • Transformational Leadership with Others
  • Transformational Leadership with Stuff (Creation)

This seminar is for Leaders in the church that want to….

  • Cultivate Kingdom Culture
  • Empower People to Serve
  • Become Caretakers of the Community
  • Create a Vision, Mission, Structure and Witness

Cost: FREE

Format: Online/Downloadable Video Seminar


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 Personal Church Stewardship Online Course 

> Click to download PDF Flyer

Personal & Church Stewardship Online Foundational Course


The purpose of the stewardship foundational course is to educate and inspire regarding biblical stewardship. We will examine biblical stewardship from both a personal and church management perspective in order to:

  • gain a holistic understanding of stewardship based on Biblical principles;  
  • understand the implications of context and culture as they relate to stewardship;  
  • understand the elements of serving as a steward leader;  
  • have the practical tools necessary to manage our personal and church finances;
  • be equipped to teach and transfer the principles of stewardship to your congregation;
  • discover how to create and implement an effective stewardship ministry in your church;
  • and to understand the dynamics of stewardship for young adults.
Who is this for….
    • FMCiC candidates that are tracking and are required to complete this foundational course


    • FMCiC pastors that are still required to complete foundational course
      (3 CEU Credits / 1 CEU for Audit)


  • Lay Leaders interested in Stewardship
  • Those who have already taken PCS Course and would like a refresher/update on the new course
Cost: $150 + text books

Format: 5 Week Online Course

Registration: contact FMCiC


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 Planned Giving 

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Introduction to
Planned Giving


Without an Estate Plan:

  • You have no say in how your
    property is distributed
  • Churches/Charities get nothing
  • Your Dependants may not
    receive enough
  • Your Children may receive
    too much too soon
  • No opportunity to select a guardian
  • Your estate may pay more taxes
  • Your funds/property may be
    frozen in probate
  • Your family may/will fight over it

As an introduction to estate planning, this seminar will help you discover what questions you need to ask and what options you should consider in your will.  The FMCiC Will Planning Guide will be available to download as part of this seminar.


What we will cover….

  • When & Why do you need an Estate Plan
  • Biblical and Cultural Messages
  • Common Planned Giving Options
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Getting the Right Professional Advice
  • Bequests made to the Church
  • Gifts of Publically Traded Securities
  • Church Gift Acceptance Policy
  • What Should You Do Now

Who is this for….

  • Church Stewardship Leaders
  • Church Board
  • Individuals that want to give to the church in their estate
  • Individuals that want to learn more about planned giving

 Cost: FREE

Format: Online/Downloadable Video Seminar


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