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1. Only a member desiring to move to another society or to unite with another evangelical church is entitled to a letter of transfer, and if in good standing, shall receive it upon request.

2. A member wishing to transfer to another society must have a letter of transfer from the pastor.                  (See Local Church in ¶380.) Without such letter, no one shall be transferred into membership in              another place.

When pastors give such a letter of transfer, they shall at once give notice of the fact to the pastor
of the society to which the letter is addressed.  The letter of transfer is valid for one year.

Members holding a letter shall remain a member of, and be amenable to, the society, by which the           letter was given until it is presented to another society, which shall receive the member into                       membership.  After that, members shall be responsible to the new society for their conduct                       including that during the time the letter was held.

It shall be the duty of the pastor receiving the letter to notify the pastor who gave it. (See Local                Church in ¶380.)

3. A letter may be given to a member of the church who wishes to unite with another evangelical                  denomination. (See Local Church in ¶380.)

4. A youth member may be transferred to another society by the pastor’s giving of a letter of transfer. (See Local Church in ¶380.)

5. Members received by transfer shall be introduced to the congregation.



  • Paragraphs 161-164 are a uniquely Canadian re-arrangement of materials. They are not part of the actual Constitution of the World Free Methodist Church, but are placed here together for convenience of reference with respect to membership matters.
  • Full members are those who have reached the age of majority for their province.