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Intergenerational Ministry

Intergenerational Ministry: Definition

Scholar Christine Ross writes that intergenerational Ministry occurs when faith communities purposefully bring the “generations together in mutual serving, sharing, or learning within the core activities of the church in order to live out being the body of Christ to each other and the greater community.”  It enhances the work of age-specific programming in a fellowship of believers by actively providing platforms for cross-generational mentoring and discipling relationships to develop, with the goal of encouraging faith formation and leadership training for both children and youth, as well as their elders.

What will this ministry do?

The purpose of the Intergenerational Ministry Task Force is to investigate the current understanding of this ethos as it is being experienced at the local church level throughout the Free Methodist Church in Canada, before continuing to recommend next steps in resourcing congregations to embrace the role of the whole church family in empowering children, youth, and young adults for mission.  The task force seeks to both evaluate present practices and envision what a greater emphasis on age-inclusivity could mean for the future of our movement.

How to get involved...

The task force welcomes feedback, comments, or concerns.  We are eager to talk to any minister or lay leader who feels they might have insights and contributions to make as we proceed with our work.  We also welcome interest from those who might wish to join on and serve with this work- youth, elder, or anywhere in between.

Task Force team members

Joy McEwen, Chair
Blake Found, Vice-Chair
Natasha Frentz
Holly Raymond.

Have a question or want to engage with the Team? Please send us a message:

Intergenerational Task Force