What is a Transitional Pastor?

When we refer to transitions within the FMCIC, we are talking about a church in need of a lead pastor – but if I were to ask what a transitional pastor does, what would you say? Transitions are bound to happen in the life of a church, and when they do, it provides an opportunity to reflect and, if needed, adjust the vision and goals of the local church. A transitional pastor helps the leadership walk through seasons, so let’s take a brief look at what the job of a transitional pastor entails.

There are some who have thought that a transitional pastor is simply a placeholder or someone who is “holding down the fort” while a change in leadership takes place. But that would be overlooking the important work that a transitional pastor does in helping local church leadership (including the board) to evaluate the church’s health, vision and goals.

With this goal in mind, transitional pastors will come into a church that has experienced some form of transition, typically after a lead pastor has moved out of their role. They will work with the leadership team of a church and evaluate all of the areas within the church to leadership and the church body discern God’s will.

If your church is transitioning through leadership, there are people and resources in place to help. Visit https://fmcic.ca/church-health/ to see some of the resources available.