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Welcome to the FMCIC Treasurers Guide!

This guide is intended to help you in your role as treasurer, board member, or financial secretary.

We realize that although you may want to read this guide front to back, many will use this guide when they need help with specific topics.

For this reason, we have designed this online guide with the standard navigation tools: Next Topic and Previous Topic.

We have also included an Index as a right-hand menu of every page that will let you jump to any main/sub topic heading.

To further help you refine searches, we have added a Search tool which confines your search to the Treasurers Guide section of the website.

There is also a link for The Manual which will open in a new window, as well as an Email for HELP! button which will send us an email with your questions/request for help.

And to help you share specific sections with others, we have included a Printer Friendly Page button that will print just the specific page contents (without all the extras included in a standard print page command).  You can print this page or save as a PDF which can be shared in an email.

Finally, we have added two new features at the bottom of each page:  More Resources includes any downloadable resources that is applicable to the page topic; and Related Topics will include any cross referenced material/section that you may want to consider.

Please remember, if you need assistance in your role you can always contact us by phone at (905) 848-2600 and ask/select for the Administration and Finance Department. You can also search for additional information at either or  Or you can email us at [email protected].  We are happy to help serve you and your local church.