the free methodist church in canada

Leadership Development

Some Target Areas for CEUs
  • Leadership
  • Bible
  • Doctrine
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Emotional Growth
  • Church Planting or Consulting
  • Church Revitalization
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Preaching
  • Job Description/Performance Appraisal System (JDPAS) facilitating
  • Counseling, marriage and family
  • Leading sessions at SPN, PCN, Network Leader training
  • Teaching a course (a foundational course, Toronto School of Church Planting course, etc., which would include developing it, teaching it the first time)
  • Leading retreats for the local church (youth group, Board, Ministry team, etc.)
  • Cross Cultural experience
  Each individual should develop a sequence of courses/ seminars for a most effective CEU program, based on his/her annual performance appraisal conducted at the local church.