Rooting for our own

I receive a daily Google Alert for any updates posted on the internet relating to the term « Free Methodist. »  Up till now it has just been a whole lot of notices for potluck dinners.  So I was excited to see this story online, of Alannah and Victoria Day, who worship at Valleyview Community Church, and are representing Sudbury in wrestling events across Canada and abroad, including the Pan Am games.

Alannah and Victoria Day
Picture taken from Sudbury Sports News, « Sudbury Regional Wrestling Club members (from left) Alannah Day, Victoria Day and Indira Moores, pictured with coach, Andy Lalonde, have been posting win after win at events across Canada and abroad over the past few months. Randy Pascal Photo. »

Read the online news stories, Ready to Rumble, and Wresting Supremacy Dawns on Alannah Day, and join me in rooting for Alannah and Victoria.