November 2022 Update

Monthly National Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Here are some things we will be praying about and hope you can join with us personally if you are not able to join with us corporately.

1. That we will develop the healthy priority of loving God first and then letting our love for others flow out of that renewing relationship and understanding of true love.

2. That our churches and families will be creative about how we celebrate Christmas so that it is both renewing to us and a winsome proclamation of the good news to those who do not received that Greatest of Gifts.

3. That those who are grieving the loss of loved ones, are struggling with failed or failing marriages, dealing with confused, rebellious or damaged children, having trouble making ends meet, are depressed, or are bond with addictions will find hope in Jesus this Christmas.

4. That we will make prayer “priority one” as a denomination and as local churches and not our “last resort” in fulfilling the Great Commission.

5. That God will thrust us out with the compassion, courage and power of the Spirit to reach those who do not know Him.

6. That our missionaries, our “sent ones”, will not feel they are alone, but are supported by the rest of the Body of Christ this Christmas. That God will inspire us to find ways to express that to them.

7. That our pastors will be inspired and strengthened by the Spirit as they lead their congregations during this busy season.

8. That God would provide the shepherds needed for the congregations looking for a pastor for their church.

9. That the Lord would lead Bishop Cliff and the Board of Administration as they realign and staff how we develop our family of churches into a mighty army for the Kingdom of God.

10. That Jared and Cathy will be led of the Lord in the days ahead and filled “with knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives”.

11. That Sandy Crozier and family will find these days of reminiscing about the wonderful man Rusty was a blessing to them and others who knew him, and they will find comfort in the Lord in the months to come.