National Leadership Team

The National Leadership Team of The Free Methodist Church in Canada serves to aid local churches in developing healthy churches across Canada and beyond. Our Bishop is elected for a three year term by delegates to our General Conference which is held every three years. In consultation with our National Board of Administration the bishop hires other team members to help achieve our objectives.

The NLT members provide overseeing, coaching, empowerment and administrative services for local churches across the country.

Cliff Fletcher

In May 2017, delegates from across Canada elected Rev. Dr. Cliff Fletcher to his first term as the Bishop of The Free Methodist Church in Canada. Cliff has a great sense of where the FMCiC has been, it’s strong history, as well as its positive impact potential in Canada. This view of potential is driven by his desire to see spiritual growth in our movement. He believes that while we can build on our history we must be open to what God has for the FMCiC both today and into the future.

Marc McAlister

Director of Leadership Development
Marc has served in pastoral ministry with The Free Methodist Church in Canada for over 20 years, and is the newest member of the National Leadership Team - serving as the Director of Church Health. For over a decade Marc and his wife Laurie were previously ministering at Sault Ste. Marie Free Methodist Church. Marc has also served as an Associate Pastor in Kamloops British Columbia, and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Mark Molczanski

Director of Administrative Services
Mark is a chartered accountant, who is also certified as a financial planner and as a financial management advisor. He has been employed at the Sick Kids Foundation, Burke and Company Ltd (consultant, pension and benefits), World Vision Canada, and at KPMG.

Jared Siebert

Director of Church Planting
Jared Siebert, currently serves as the National Director for Church Planting for The Free Methodist Church in Canada. His main responsibility is to prepare the denomination to respond to the massive cultural change that churches are facing.