Team Work

Two “study teams” have been launched and will be bringing reports to our General Conference 2020. Included in the “FMCiC 3 Year Ministry Plan” is a description of these two initiatives:

  1. “Inspiring Women into Leadership in the FMCIC”: The BOA has formed a high caliber study commission that would create a report to encourage women into leadership. This is after all a mandate of FMCIC as it is one of our Free’s. But more importantly it is an evangelism strategy, whereby we are mobilizing 50% of the church into leading us into Kingdom growth. Jan Kupecz, a lay leader at our Kemptville FMC has agreed to lead this team. Her team also consists of: Lisa Bickle (Barrie FM), Rev. Dr. Cathy Stonehouse (Perth FM), Merlette Schnell (Calgary FM), Amy Caswell (Saskatoon FM),
  2. “Task Force FMCIC & LGBTQ”: The BOA approved the SCOD recommendation to create a Study Commissions in order to develop a plan for equipping the FMCIC for meaningful engagement with LGBTQ people, informed by our position found in Chapter 6 of The Manual. The plan could include: pastoral surveys; focus groups, equipping events or forums at General Conference; a support network for pastors with LGBTQ family members; consultation with recognized authorities, affirming believers, LGBTQ Christians and with the FMCUSA. Rev. Dale Harris has agreed to lead this team. His team also consists of:

The time line for these teams are as follows:  Teams will make initial reports to BOA in April 2019.  Strategies and recommendations to Conference need to be submitted to BOA by November 2019. Please pray for these two important teams.

A third team has started but their mandate is not restricted to the General Conference timeline. The third team is discussing and creating strategy to help prepare our pastors for retirement, help prepare the retiring pastors’ churches, and then support the retired pastors into retirement. We do not currently have much in terms of policy or resources, so this team has a big job to do. The Rev. Debbie Hogeboom has agreed to lead this team. Her team also consists of: Rev. Vic Stonehouse, Rev. David Dyer, Rev. Dennis Camplin, Rev. Doug Wightman, and Rev. “Uncle” Vern Frudd. If you are interested in contributing or participating with this team feel free to contact Debbie.

The other major areas of focus in the 3 year plan continue to be: PRAYER, discipleship, evangelism, leadership development, church health, church planting and “intercultural engagement” (missions).

Thank you to each one who is participating on a team. Thank you to all of you who will commit to pray for all our teams, and ministries as we re-configure, reboot, and retool, for a new season.

I invite you to pray Psalm 51 for and into the FMCiC paying special attention to this fact: first repentance and cleansing THEN (verse 13) “sinners will turn back” to God! Imagine (use your sanctified imaginations) a church in Canada resolved to first repent, be cleansed! Verse 13 tells us that if we do this first THEN a wonderful thing will happen in Canada.


Cliff Fletcher