What to Expect in 2018

For us, the Free Methodist Church family in Canada, to expect anything different from 2017 we would really have to posture ourselves differently, act differently, pray differently, spend differently… otherwise, we should expect pretty much the same outcomes. Our Sunday attendance and membership statistics have been decreasing. In fact, most […]

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Is Debt Making You Sick?

High amounts of debt is bad for your mental and physical health. Studies are showing that being in debt can lead to a number of emotional, psychological and physical issues: stress, depression, anxiety, a higher rate of suicide and can put us at risk of developing high blood pressure and

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A Pastoral Health Story

When we asked Dale Harris, Pastor of The Freeway in Oshawa, ON, to share his experience with burnout and clinical depression he did not hesitate.  The following is an excerpt from his May 2015 blog, Notes from the Ashes (Part 1): Some Reflections on Pastoral Burn-Out. It was just over

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Let’s Be Brave for Christ…

Bishop Cliff asked a question on a Sunday morning not too long ago, “What kind of church does Canada need?” The answer followed, “One that accepts responsibility for its community.” Currently, the leadership of The Free Methodist Church in Canada has been undergoing a national LifePlan – a health conversation

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Finding My Bearings

Matthew 11:30 has often been a kind of “North Star” for me in my ministry. According to Jesus, life with Him should look something like this: “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Whenever I find that my life doesn’t match that description I know that I am

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Self-Aware and Healthy

As I read and research church health and revitalization, I am struck by how often people suggest a church should hire an “outsider” to help them see clearly. Whether it is a mystery shopper or a fully paid consultant, the idea is that this “outsider” can help leaders get a

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