Let the pump priming begin…

We are trying to get the word out early.

In this Mosaic you will read about initiatives and recommendations by FMCiC leaders. These are recommendations that will be going to General Conference 2020. Traditionally, we create meeting times at General Conference prior to the business time, in order to discuss recommendations. Traditionally, the committee championing a particular recommendation would process the discussion times with the prerogative to amend the recommendation prior to the presentation if needed.

THIS TIME we are bringing 3 recommendations to you more than a full year ahead of time. This time we are asking you to listen, read, pray, discuss, suggest, etc. long before General Conference weekend. At Regional Gatherings we will have time to discuss each of the three recommendations that need our vote at General Conference: Reducing the Board of Administration size from 16 to 10-12; new Core Values – “6 Frees”; and our reconfigured organizational chart.

Our hope in publishing these in the Mosaic, is that we are priming the thinking-praying pump! Read, pray and if necessary ask questions of committee members or National Leadership Team members.

Remember these two things:

  1. Godly, prayerful, thoughtful, well-intentioned Free Methodists, who care deeply for our movement are bringing you these recommendations;
  2. There will be other great conversations to have at General Conference, including reports from our two study teams (“Our Relationship with LGBTQ” and “Engaging Women in Leadership”).

Let the pump priming begin…