the free methodist church in canada

Ministry Centre Staff

Adam GS 450

Adam Kline

Intercultural Engagement Team Leader

Ah Sun Kim

Senior Accountant - Administrative Services
Davika GS 450

Davika Dotson

Administrative Assistant to Marc McAlister

Isabel Garcia

Accounting Assistant
Jess GS 450

Jessica Isaak

Church Planting
Cornwall, J

Jenn Cornwall

Administrative Assistant to Susan DePlanché

Juliette Hennequin

French Translator

Roseline Isaac

Administrative Assistant to Deva Ratnam
Lucia GS 450

Lucia Dsouza

Accounting Assistant

Lorilee Bishop

Church Planting Coordinator

Monique Alexander

Administrative Assistant to Bishop Cliff Fletcher
Starla GS with background 450

Starla Kingler

Communications Content Developer
Susan GS 450

Susan DePlanché

Leadership Development-Credentialing Coordinator
Vinola GS 450

Vinola Pakkianathen

Intercultural Ministries Administrator