Milepost #1 Recommended Resources

Who is Jesus, Really? [to be developed]
This simple 5 session study examines key incidents in the life of Jesus via the Gospel of Luke, with questions for discussion.


The Following Jesus studies (5 modules, 5 sessions each) are designed for seekers who have had an introduction to the life of Jesus, in one form or another, and are looking for a broader understanding of the Christian faith. It does not assume that a faith decision has been made. These modules could be used with church attenders who may not have made a faith decision. This series could be seen as a replacement for Saddleback Churches “Bases” or The Alpha Course. Please make sure to read the Leader’s Guide to understand how this differs from some other study materials. FMCiC developed/tested


A 13 session booklet intended for one-on-one, triad or small group settings. 5 sessions deal with Assurance of Salvation, 8 with basic Christian Living. A proven, effective resource for brand new believers. Introduces scripture memory.