January 2023 Update

Monthly National Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, January 25, 2023

1. Thank God that Bishop Cliff felt prompted by God to invite our churches to participate in a week of prayer and fasting for our movement during the first week of the year.

2. Thank God for the good number of people who joined in prayer during our “noon hour” prayer
meetings for the FMCIC. We sensed He was in the prayers and that He will continue to bless those times and ring healing to our land.

3. That God will continue to help us to seek His face and turn from and any sin among us.

4. Thank God that: “There’s widespread hunger for unity and revival across the county, and really across the globe.” (Roger Helland, EFC Prayer Ambassador)

5. Thank God that the government is delaying a bill to expand MAID to include people with mental illness. Please continue to pray for this expansion to be stopped.

6. That God will raise up the right people to serve as Church Health & Planting Director, & Admin Director.

7. That God will guide pastors that are in transition, thinking about it, or growing weary to the churches and ministries He wants them to lead & feed (including the one they are already a part of).