International Child Care Ministries, News – Spring Issue 2009

Faithfulness. It is a word that I had been reflecting on over the last little while when Vivian Hyndman [picutred above middle], International Child Care Ministries (ICCM) Director, came in to my office to let me know that, after more than a quarter century of service in this leadership role – 27 years, to be exact – she would be retiring at the end of June. As the office would be relocated to the Ministry Centre both Marie Dodridge [above, left] and Audrey Zandvliet [above, right], who have worked devotedly alongside Vivian, decided that they would step down from this ministry at the end of June as well. After working alongside Vivian for 19 years, Audrey will be focusing on spending more time with her children. Marie will also be joining Vivian in her retirement journey having faithfully supported ICCM for the past 14 years. 

As an accountant, there can be a tendency to talk only in the context of money. So I will provide one number – $1,000,000. This is the amount of contributions from generous donors that were entrusted to ICCM Canada in 2008. However, while money is needed to provide a multitude of programs within the ICCM context, this is really about the people that make it happen. I am always encouraged to hear Vivian recount the work that is going on by other dedicated people in countries like Haiti or the other 13 countries where Canadians provide financial support. 

We know the Lord has a plan for Vivian, Marie and Audrey in the next chapter of their life journey. While ICCM Canada will no longer take up the day time hours for these dear servants in Christ, I know they will remain faithful in His service. From the bottom of our hearts, we at the Ministry Centre  know the Lord will continue to hold them in His hand as He directs their future paths.  

Mark Molczanski is the Director of Administrative Services for The Free Methodist Church in Canada

New Director of International Child Care Ministries

The Free Methodist Church in Canada is pleased to announce the employment of Paula Moriarity as the new International Child Care Ministries-Canada Director, beginning May 1, 2009.  Vivian Hyndman, who has served ICCM with passion and dedication for 27 years, retired on June 30, 2009.

ICCM is a child sponsorship program operating in 14 countries of the world. Through education, meals, and medical care, children in need are given an opportunity for a better life.  The Canadian Director of ICCM will provide overall leadership of a budget approaching $1 million per year, monthly sponsorships of approximately 2,500 children in the ICCM program and has primary responsibility for the ICCM program administration, promotion and marketing of the ICCM program in Canada through connecting with Free Methodist Churches across Canada and individual donors.

Paula will liaise with the ICCM International Director in Indianapolis and with National Coordinators where ICCM Canada provides financial support. Based in the national Ministry Centre in Mississauga, Paula will work closely with Dan Sheffield, the Director of Global Ministries.

Originally from British Columbia, Paula brings to this position a background in financial planning and human resources staffing with education in business administration and economics. Paula also worked in the Canadian headquarters of Campus Crusade for Christ. Paula and her husband, Dave, live in Oshawa where they attend The Freeway FMC. Paula has been a member of the National MEGAP team for a number of years.