Haiti Update from Canadian Missionary, Linda Stryker

This news is from Linda Stryker who is at the US FM mission office this week.

We are praising the Lord for news just received from Bishop David Roller who had talked with Dr. Dan Snyder just a short time ago.

Today Dan saw ICCM/Haiti field coordinator, Perkins Mondale whose wife is also alive but has some injuries. Haiti Superintendent Devariste, who is also the local pastor of the church near the ICCM office, is in the hospital with a broken leg.

The ICCM building and other FM buildings are still standing. The only FM building in that area that totally collapsed is the Friends of Haiti Organization (FOHO) building.

This afternoon Jack Munos and Katie Zook, who are now in Miami, seemed to have made a turn for the better. They were awake, alert and talking to people.
More news direct from Haiti is expected tomorrow. Andy Yardy, who was authorized by Bishop Roller to go to Haiti to get specific information about our brothers and sisters in Haiti, is in the Dominican

Republic near the border with Haiti and will continue his trip to Port au Prince in the morning. His trip has been challenging. He left Indianapolis for Haiti as soon as possible – about 12 hrs after the first earthquake hit. He has water, water filters and medicines with him. I’m sure he would appreciate you adding him to your prayer list along with all the other huge needs we are taking to the Father. If you want to follow his tweets, go to twitter.com and type in « laxglobal ».

Linda Stryker

(In Indianapolis with Linda Adams)