From Ghana to Edmonton

Here’s a great article about parishioner and board member at Edmonton Free Methodist Church, Nathan Andrews.

Ghanaian is a Trudeau Foundation scholar, posted on, « Canada’s largest ethnic newspaper. »

NathanPhoto of Nathan Andrews, Trudeau Scholar, from

Of course I have a keen interest in Ghanaian news because of our church‘s long-standing mission partnership with Ghana, but also because Nathan Andrews places his church, Edmonton Free Methodist Church, within the scope of his responsibilities and pursuits. 

I spoke with Nathan briefly to hear how he got from Ghana to Edmonton, a long way to go… and a cold destination.  Nathan first came to Canada as an international student. He studied for his Master’s Degree at Brock University.  Although in Ghana he was « Presby by default, »he was actively looking for a place to worship in Canada.  He first attended Grapeview Free Methodist Church in St. Catharines.  He said it was another Ghanaian friend who introduced him to the church. But because the church cared enough to call him and give him rides to and from church, that is what kept him there. He said it was a « key factor » in moving to a new country and attending the church. He then moved out to Edmonton two years ago to study for his Ph.D.  The same Ghanaian friend who had first introduced him to Grapeview also had moved out West and brought him to Edmonton FMC.  Nathan enjoys the diversity of the congregation, over 50% of which are originally from outside Canada. 

Nathan spoke a little bit about the difficulties of professing your Christian faith in a secular educational system.  He described Ghana as an « iron-sharpens-iron » culture, you naturally have conversations about God, especially in the south which is considered mostly Christian.  Nathan says that in Canada, you have to make sure that you are « sharpening yourself » by being in the word and attending church regularly in order to « keep your faith intact and strengthened. »  He says, « There is great value in doing these things in terms of maintaining your own spiritual growth. »

Nathan currently serves on the board at Edmonton FMC and enjoys working with youth and participating in worship.

Be sure to read the complete article and Nathan’s recent achievements as a Trudeau Scholarship winner.  Congratulations Nathan!