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Personal Stewardship Downloads

Church Stewardship Downloads

French Stewardship Downloads

Personal Stewardship Downloads

Church Stewardship Downloads

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Financial Health Check Flyer_8-5 x 11

Generosity Checkup Flyer 

Congregational Generosity Survey

Generosity Giving Data Collection

Espoir Financier_Flyer
Biblical Principles on Stewardship VERSES Annual Church Directors Declaration FORM (WORD) L’INTENDANCE DE L’ARGENT (PDF)
A5_Wesley Sermon 50_MONEY Annual Directors Declaration Form (PDF) Le sermon de John Welsey Non. 50 – L’emploi de l’argent
A5_Wesley Sermon 51_ GOOD STEWARD CRA Appendix A_Ineligible Individual Questionaire Le sermon de John Welsey Non. 51 – L’économe fidèle
Tithing Quiz – 25 Questions CRA Appendix D_ Checklist regarding ineligible individuals QUIZZ SUR LA DÎME
Tithing Quiz – Answers CRA Allowable Activities Checklist QUIZZ SUR LA DÎME – RÉPONSE CLÉ
25 Biblical Verses to start the New Year Right (Bible Money Matters) FMCiC Board Finance Committee Guideline_2016  LA MÉTHODE ‘BOULE DE NEIGE’ Guide de référence rapide (PDF)
Biblical Verses About Money (Bible Money Matters) 5 Questions You Must Ask When Your Church Giving Is In Decline FEUILLE BUDGETAIRE
 Financial Hope Small Group Workshop_PARTICIPANT FR debt-reduction-calculator blank (excel)
FMCiC Loan Mortgage Program_2017 SUIVI DÉPENSE MENSUELLE

Budgeting Tools

Church Treasurer


Spending Journal  (Booklet Format) FMCiC Online Treasurer Guide Un Guide Pour Les Tresoriers_2012
Monthly Expense Tracker (PDF) CRA T3010 Checklist DECLARATION D’ELIGIBILITE (WORD)
Debt Reduction Calculator (EXCEL) Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Checklist on Keeping Adequate Books and Records (PDF) CRA Annexe D – Liste de vérification pour les organismes enregistrés concernant les particuliers non admissibles
Financial Consumer Agency of Canada Credit Card Calculator Link  Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Checklist on Issuing Complete and Accurate Donation Receipts (PDF) CRA – Produire la déclaration de renseignements annuelle T3010
Snowball Quick Reference Guide Sample Church Ministry  Reimbursement (PDF) CRA – Tenir des registres comptables adéquats
Budget Plan – 3 Accounts PRINT (PDF)  Sample Job Description for Church Treasurer CRA – Exercer des activités admissibles
Budget Plan – 3 Accounts (EXCEL) PAR Brochure (PDF) CRA – Délivrer des reçus de dons complets et exacts
Variable Expenses (PDF) PAR Donor Questions and Answers – revised CRA – Tenir des registres comptables adéquats
Variable Expenses (EXCEL) PAR Treasurer and Board Questions and Answers – revised  CRA IC78-10R5 Conservation et destruction des registres comptables
Balance Sheet (PDF) Datasheet (FR)
Balance Sheet (EXCEL)

Planned Giving

FMCiC Will Planning Guide_2018
Planned Giving Opportunities Fact Sheet (Christian Stewardship Services) (PDF)
LINK: Giving Gateway Creating your own personal giving plan (Advisors with Purpose)
LINK: Gift Calculator Giving more to charities – less to taxes (Advisors with Purpose)
LINK: Professional Advisors Listing (Advisors with Purpose)