CliffsNotes – August 11, 2020

How long should a board meeting be?

I am an introvert, an internal processor and I don’t function well in long meetings. There is however research that supports my best thinking in this matter. For years I have quipped when someone has asked me about evening board meetings, “nothing good happens after 9:00 PM!” I always smile when I say this, and I am well aware that sometimes (seldom) we need to work past 9:00, but as a rule, nothing good happens in meetings past 9:00. Of course, I defer to Holy Spirit: should He ever want you to stay, pray and listen, then please stay until He releases you.

I also believe that a regularly scheduled board meeting should not be longer than 2 hours tops. Let me explain:

  • Most board meetings start after 6:00 PM, which means that many board members have been up and at work already 12 hours. I wonder, do you think being asked important theological or financial questions in hours 14-16 of your day is wise? Are you your best self, 15 hours into the day?
  • Extroverts, external processors are energized in conversation and are formulating ideas and resolutions during the meeting. You will, however, have people around the table who need space and time to catch up and sort out their thoughts;
  • Technology allows us to meet more frequently for less controversial matters, so that face to face meetings can be more focused. For instance, a 25-minute zoom meeting can resolve smaller items on the agenda, prior to the face to face meeting;
  • Technology affords a good chair the opportunity to send out pre-reading, and homework, so that all members come prepared (too often, too much time is wasted in helping the less prepared members get caught up with issues – this isn’t fair to the of the board);
  • A good chair facilitates an annual board schedule, so that regular meetings and zoom meetings are planned to the best of their current knowledge. In this way members can plan around those dates in order to attend;
  • A much-recommended annual, face to face, weekend board retreat can be the place to discuss larger items. An annual retreat helps the board to develop unity, fosters fellowship and establishes an annual theme and board strategy;
  • Healthy boards answer 3 questions:
  1. Do we have the right vision?
    Annual retreat takes time to review vision (3-5 Ministry Plan), and to ensure the action steps are in place for the year;
    b) Board, pastor(s) and leaders develop a 3-5 Ministry Plan which becomes the basis of the board check-ins: “Is your ministry area living into the Ministry Plan?”

We have Regional Coaches in place to help your church develop this type of strategic plan.

  1. Do we have the right leadership in place?
    A Personnel Team / Committee will conduct regular performance appraisals which are then reported to the board. With this important team in place to support the Lead Pastor with all staffing (volunteer and paid) needs, the board is able to not be weighed down with these matters. The board, as overseers, will ensure that the Personnel Team / Committee is functioning well, and is staffing according to the 3-5 Ministry Plan;
    b) The board can then develop a healthy honest working relationship with the Lead Pastor.
  2. Are we financially healthy?
    The board should not be involved in the “minutia” (our Director of Administrative Services’ word) if the board has created a healthy and competent Finance Team. This team needs to include wise, Godly men and women who understand finances and the 3-5 Ministry Plan;
    b) This team reports to the board, and the healthy chair ensures that the board does not fall into micro-reviewing Finance team work unnecessarily.
  • Finally, healthy boards create a board covenant that covers all these expectations and is reviewed at least annually by the board.

Pastors and leaders, Patrick Lencioni has a very readable book, Death By Meeting. I recommend it.



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August 16- 21, 2020
The Amazing Race – Virtual Family Camp
With the onset of Covid-19 many of our summer camps have been cancelled.  With this in mind we created a Virtual Family Camp where people can still come together, meet Jesus, and grow in their faith.
Come join us the week of Aug 16-21 on Facebook for inspiring music, challenging messages and activities for the whole family!
  • Special Speaker, Bishop Cliff Fletcher
  • Worship & Prayer with Maple Grove Camp
  • Youth with Natalie Frisk, The Meeting House
  • Kids’ Korner with Christina Catling, Barrie FM Church
  • Coffee & Devos hosted by Pastor Jenn Wagar, Barrie FM Church
Your camp experience includes:
  •  fun activities and daily challenges that you can do at home with your family or friends
  •  videos and testimonials to help you facilitate learning and discussion in your home
  •  interactive discussion, devotionals, sharing thoughts, questions
  • inspiring and encouraging evening worship services
    …and more!
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