The Free Methodist Church in Canada is affiliated with the Clergy Care Network.


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Frequently asked questions about Clergy Care

What exactly is the Clergy Care Network (CCN?)

  • We are a ministry based out of Focus on the Family Canada; we are unique in that we are also supported by Canadian denominations that want to provide a confidential service for their pastors. We exist solely to provide support and encouragement to pastors and their families. We recognize that the needs and concerns that clergy families face are unique and require specialized care. We offer a toll-free Clergy Line (1.888.5.CLERGY) that provides general information, resources, referrals, counselling and consultation. CCN also ministers through this website and through workshops and events that are specifically held for clergy.

What happens when I call the Clergy Help Line (1.888.5.CLERGY)?

  • A trained counsellor answers the phone. He or she determines how we can best help you. He or she can provide: a listening ear, crisis counselling, referral to an approved Christian counsellor in your area, information on retreats and treatment centers, recommend appropriate books or resources, etc. If you do not want to give your name or other personal information, you do not have to.

What sort of concerns can I call about?

  • You can call about anything! The majority of callers are dealing with an issue in their life that is causing them concern or worry. For example, callers may want to talk about: family or marriage difficulties, feelings of depression or anxiety, issues in their congregation, staff problems, parenting challenges, sexual addictions or other life difficulties. Some callers want a confidential and caring person to talk to, while others desire counsel or referrals. Other callers request prayer or information about retreat centres in their area. Whatever is on your heart and mind, you can call us. We’ll do our very best to assist you in whatever way possible. If we don’t immediately have an answer for you we will find one!

Will anyone in my church or denomination know that I have called the Clergy Line?

  • Absolutely not! Your call is kept private and confidential. You do not need to reveal your name, denomination, or where you are calling from if you do not want to. We do keep general statistics as to why people call, but nothing personal is ever shared with anyone in your congregation or denomination. This is a safe place for you to call. As with any counselling, confidentiality would only be breached if a caller was in physical danger or was harming others.