The Free Methodist Church in Canada

PAN Pals!

The Kids Team at Lakeview Church in Saskatoon, SK have put fun and creativity into staying connected with their kids during this strange time of physical distancing. Kids Pastor, Nancy Luross reached out to share one of their cool ideas. “We created Pandemic Pals. It’s kind of like old school

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Wawota Palm Parade

This story is from Reverends Kevin and Beverly Kay from Wawota Free Methodist Church in Saskatchewan.  Wawota boasts a population of 700. This past Sunday, the church held a parade of palms. Beverly sent the following describing the event. Our parade of palms, caravan of connection and care, worked out

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First Response Bags

Thornbury, ON is a small community of 2,200 located at the intersection of Beaver River and Georgian Bay. Erika and Jason Mills moved to Thornbury two years ago to co-pastor Blue Mountain Community Church. The church wanted to focus on children and youth ministry, so Erika started following the local

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Tell Your Stories

I have written before that I am a big fan of stories.  I love a good story. But I have noticed that more and more we seem to be telling mostly “bad news” type stories.  We talk about what’s wrong, what needs to be fixed, how bad things are, and

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The Corner Church

Two years ago, The Freeway in Oshawa, ON went through the Lifeplan process and discerned that God wanted them to find a permanent facility to use for their ministry.  Up until that point, The Freeway met in school gyms on Sunday mornings and had a small office in downtown Oshawa.

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