Little Big Picture


  When Jean Mercer from First Free Methodist Church in Moose Jaw, SK contacted me about using material from one of my stories in Upwords – First FMC’s paper – I did a little homework before saying yes.    I checked out several online editions of Upwords available for all …

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For Sale

  For Sale: Freedom Christian Community’s church building and property located at 152 North Park Street, Brantford, ON.   A brief history of Freedom Christian Community’s 125 year history will help in the understanding of the for sale sign.  The « Coles Notes » version:   1885 – A church plant was …

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Ordination Fact Finding Mission

  Over the last few weeks I have Facebook posted a bevy of ordination announcements, dates, photos and congratulations which got me wondering what ordination is all about so I went on a fact finding mission.    Fact #1: I have been to an ordination.    My brother-in-law Darrin Lindsay …

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  A few weeks ago Bishop Keith sent me an email suggesting I chat with some folks from Edmonton Free Methodist Church (EFMC), “It’s the story of how a dying church can turnaround. Ten years ago, we thought that this church was going to close, but today we see a …

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To Disciple

  “Do you mean to say you guys had conversations about me and my walk with Christ? Like you had a plan for me?  A napkin diagram of how things should go?”  Yup, this little bomb was dropped a couple of weeks ago at Jared Siebert’s Church Plant Design Shop. …

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